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Commercial Renovations

Every Business is different, and their needs are too! Commercial projects sometimes can be difficult to navigate and that is why Shield Renovations can help with the process and try to streamline it as not to affect your bottom line. You will work closely with your Project Manager that works specifically with you and will help deal with any situation that may arise.

Coffee Shop
Image by Patrick Tomasso

Coffee Shops

Are customers coming in asking "what's on the menu" because the lighting is bad, and they can't see it? Are your barista's running into cabinet doors because they won't close? Shield Renovations can help! We will work with you and set out a clear and concise plan that will help remodel your business while staying open. 


What's the most important factor in a restaurants floor plan? Flow! Flow helps the customers and staff move around freely, you don't want people sitting right at the kitchen door that swings open and bumps in to them. We will work with you on a floor plan, set a budget, establish your goals and get the work done on time and on budget! 

Retail Shop


Details are important when you are looking into creating or renovating your retail space. What is the feel that you want your clients to experience while shopping? In a world full of competition, you need to stand out to be noticed! Shield Renovations will help you with a design that will appeal to all the senses of your clients. From Design To Divine!


Having done several office remodels, updating them to open concept and/or shared office space, we understand the importance an office's layout plays in the comfort of your employees. When employees feel more comfortable, energized and happy, work performance goes up! Shield Renovations can help plan and create a workspace that works well with your company culture.

Mulit Units

Multi-Unit Complexes

Tenants tend to gravitate to updated living spaces, such as modern kitchens, bathrooms and thoughtfully placed plug ins for phones and other devices!  Owners who update their investment properties see a higher return on investment. Shield Renovation's Project Managers can help from conception to completion to take your property from Design to Divine!

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